Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Arctic Circle

Nick Campbell - The Creative Gap: Becoming Better Than Most

It's a bit long, but if you have the time I strongly recommend it. So much great advice in a single presentation! Nick Campbell is a motion designer based in Chicago that more recently started giving presentations to various schools, design communities, and design events.

Check out his blog/tutorial site here:
and his portfolio site here:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Story Beyond the Still

This amazing collaborative project happened a while back, but I still find the whole concept extremely intriguing.

The Story Beyond the Still was an enormous user-generated HD video contest by Canon. The entire project was started by a single evocative photograph that was interpreted into a short film. The resulting short film ended on a still image that was to be reinterpreted by anyone to develop into another short film. Each round of short films resulted in finalists and a winner. The still frame at the end of that winning video would inspire another round of short films.

The truly remarkable thing about these short films is the wide variety of interpretations and the hundreds of entries into this competition. And, although the short films didn't have to relate to previous winners, many chose to follow the same story line, but adding twists and turns to the plot. The resulting final collaborative film is nothing short of amazing.

A unique thing about this project was each character was played by different actors in each chapter of the film because each film was created in a different part of the world. Although the characters change faces throughout the film, you are still able to follow the story very easily. There are even parts of the film that incorporate this concept of characters with varying appearances.

For the final chapter, they brought all the directors from the winning short films together. Only with all these minds put together, could this project turn out as amazing as it did.

I hope you enjoy watching!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Motion Experiments

Steffen Knoesgaard is a motion designer that challenged himself to create one second of animation each day for 30 days. For each clip of animation he used the same color palette and similar aesthetic resulting in a short demo reel of and a creative way of promoting his work!

Sometimes deadline-based projects are the best way to keep yourself working!

iPad Light Painting

A great example of using technology in a very creative way to produce something completely unique.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hawthorn Market Digital Menus

I finally finished the digital menus for Hawthorn Market! Here is a look at one of the finished menus: